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Size & Care Guide

Size Guide

To find your ring size, simply print out the Ring Size Guide below.

Or, measure the circumference of your finger, or measure the internal diameter (one side to the other) of an existing ring and match it to the chart below. Measurements are approximate. 

Download our printable ring sizing guide


US EURO Internal Diameter 

Circumference of your finger

XX Small - Pinky Size



*45.5 mm
X Small - Pinky Size
48 *15.27 mm *47 mm
Small K½
50.5 *16.2 mm *50.6 mm
54.5 *17.3 mm *54.5 mm
Large P½ 8 57 *18.6 mm *57 mm
X Large 
10 62 *19.8 mm *62.1 mm
XX Large
  11 64.5
*64.6 mm


Take Care

Tarnishing/oxidising is a natural occurrence in all metals and should be expected.  The degree of tarnishing varies based on factors like individual body chemistry, environmental humidity, frequency of use and how well you care for and maintain your pieces. Your jewellery needs to be cleaned regularly. Regular cleaning will minimise the Tarnishing/oxidation process, & avoid the build-up of oils, dirt and residue that can be harmful to gold plating. Clean your jewellery using a soft microfiber cloth.
Remove your Vermeil jewellery prior to swimming, bathing, exercising and using cosmetics, hair products, perfumes and exposure to saltwater.

Do not store your jewellery in a humid closed environment, eg: pouch or box. Check your unworn jewellery periodically to prevent tarnish caused by extended storage.

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